Wire Ropes

Kastel Karlovo AD has established trade relations with leading Korean, Chinese and European suppliers of steel wire ropes and steel wire rope accessories.



In 2003. our company began trading with steel wire ropes import from Korea, Serbia and the EU and for a short time became one of the leading trading companies with steel ropes and carrying and holding devices. Due to the high quality and competitive prices of our products, we, during the course of a few years, have become a major steel rope and accessories supplier for the territory of Bulgaria.

Kastel Karlovo AD has new steel rope warehous, new service rigs, machinery and equipment. In 2008 the company was awarded the prize for best supplier of Korean goods (Korean steel wire ropes) by KOTRA - Bulgaria, an organization for cooperation and support of trade with Korea.

The company supplies (custom or from stock) steel wire ropes and accessories according to all DIN standards and the standards of the producers. The products are delivered to customers within 24 hours.

In Bulgaria, our customers are more than 500 private and state enterprises from energy, mining, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, port- activity, electrical and railway transport, construction and others.

Each product is accompanied by a Test Certificate from the manufacturer and a Declaration of Conformity.

Our goal is to ensure that all products meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.