Steel Wire Ropes

Kastel Karlovo AD has established trade relations with leading Korean, Chinese and European suppliers of steel wire ropes and steel wire rope accessories. The company supplies (custom or from stock) steel wire ropes and accessories according to all DIN standards and the standards of the producers.

In Bulgaria, our customers are more than 500 private and state enterprises from energy, mining, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, port- activity, electrical and railway transport, construction and others.

Each product is accompanied by a Test Certificate from the manufacturer and a Declaration of Conformity.

Key information needed when preparing a steel wire rope order:

1. № of standard (DIN 3066);

2. Diameter of the rope (measured in milimeters, for example diam 12 mm);

3. Construction & type of core. Construction of the strand is indicated by the number of wires, individually arranged, beginning with the outermost. (For example 6 х 19 + IWRC – number of strands in the rope X number of wires in each strand + type of core, independent wire rope core IWRC, fiber core FC, or independent wire strand core WSC);

4. Surface material (galvanized or ungalvanized);

5. Tensile strength. Measured in N/mm2 (ISO) or kg/mm2 (Metric) and depends on the physico-chemical composition of the steel from which the wires are manufactured;

6. Direction and type of lay of the rope strands and wires within the strands (right lang lay, left lang lay, right regular lay, left regular lay);

7. Lubrication - without lubrication / “dry” rope or lubricated. If lubrication is required there are different degrees of lubrication. The type of lubricant needs to be accordant to the future application of the steel wire rope;

8. Application (lift, crane, fishing, etc.);

9. Preffered packing (wrapped on wooden reels, etc.).


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