Our mission is to not simply satisfy the requirements of our clients but to exceed their expectations, always bidding best machinary products that meet their needs.


To this end, the management and service staff of "Kastel Karlovo" AD regularly participates in courses by leading companies ("NSK", "IKO", etc.) in order to raise their professional qualification. The staff of the company is responsible for the quality of the machine products and strive towards full compliance with the highest quality requirements.


The management of "Kastel Karlovo" AD has set the following goals:

  • to provide customers with only the highest quality machine products;
  • to manage the company so that its name serves as a guarantee for high quality services;
  • to expand the range of offered machine products.


For achieving these goals, the high management of "Kastel Karlovo" AD has implemented and guarantees the full operation of the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 within the company.

The ISO certification 9001:2008 and the continued upkeep of its effectiveness represent our declaration of respect for our customers and our position of continued presence in the market.