Kastel Karlovo AD is an authorized distributor of NSK brand bearings, Japan.





NSK was founded on 8th November, 1916 and produced the first ball bearings in Japan. By 1960, NSK is an aggressively growing company. Currently, the company has 70 outlets in 26 countries and 37 production sites in 12 countries, not including Japan.

NSK bearings are used in over 200 000 different products. Bearings of different sizes are produced: from miniature bearings with an outer diameter of 2 mm, used in ultra-compact motors to bearings with an outer diameter of 6 meters used in giant machines for digging tunels. NSK produces bearings for dental machines that spin at high speeds up to 400,000 rpm. The bearings used in steel-production equipment are made for extremely harsh working conditions – they can be exposed to temperatures above 1000 °C and be subjected to repeated heating and cooling temperature fluctuations. Bearings used in wind turbines need to withstand a minimum of 20 years of usage without claim.



NSK aims to contribute to the welfare and security of society and to the protection of the global environment through its innovative technology and integration. That is, in other words, the whole purpose of  NSK existance. NSK mission is friction control and energy loss  reduction in mechanical devices. Nowadays, we value highly that our greatest social responsibility is to provide the world with products that fulfill this mission.