Kastel Karlovo AD is an authorized  distributor of GATES brand industrial belts (leading belts producer in the world), for Bulgaria.




In 1911 in Denver (USA) Charles Gates - 32 year old mining engineer, bought the small company The Volorado Tire and Leather Company.

6 years later, in 1917, his brother John Gates invented the first V-belt, which was the beginning of the continuous development of manufacturing GATES belts and GATES drive systems.

In 1920 the company changes its name to Gates Rubber Company.

In 1946 the first synchronization belt is produced and since then GATES is a world leader in the production of belts and innovative propulsion systems widely used in industry and the automotive industry.

In 1963, Gates Rubber Company founded its first factory in Europe in the town Erembodigen, Belgium, where today is the central European office of GATES.

GATES EUROPE has plants in Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Poland, as well as sales offices and distribution centers across Europe.

Over the years GATES plays a key role in the creation and development of high quality V-belts, synchronized and specialty belts, pulleys and complete drive systems.

Typical examples of established high quality products are V-belts Predator, Quod-Power II, Super HC MN, Hi-Power, PowerBand & Micro-V, synchronized belts Poly Chain, PowerGrip, Twin Power.

GATES successfully implemented an extensive program of improving and increasing productivity, reliability and energy efficiency of manufactured belts, as all activities are certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.